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Why do we watch reality shows

Why do we watch reality shows

Reality TV shows have become hugely popular with people around the world and the secret of their success lies in the fact that the creative heads and other people who design these shows know exactly what we like. The first thing that most of the reality shows have in common is drama. If there was only competition then no one would bother to watch. There is drama when a contestant fails to wow the judges and there is lots of crying and back stabbing going on. The reality shows that follow a so-called star around and show us their lives are popular for the same reason.

People want drama and gossip and the reality shows have both of it in plenty. We often see how normal people like us are given a platform where they can sing or dance or do something daring to win money and become famous. This format of the reality shows enchants the viewers because they can identify themselves with the contestants and their on screen struggle. Celebrity reality shows give us a sneak peek into their lives and everybody loves to see the celebs cry and act like us.

The huge prize money is also a draw and so is the competition. People would often watch reality TV shows that have been shot at exciting locales like France, Italy or Spain. We are thrilled to see people like us enjoying the foods and drinks at five star hotels. Entertainment is also a big factor. Some of the reality TV shows provide real entertainment and we get to see superior performances but seeing the celebrity judge’s eyes wail with tears makes them more worth watching. There is nothing wrong with the reality TV shows. They give us thrill, enjoyment and inspire us to aspire for fame making our lives a little more livable.

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