Why do we love

why do we love

Love is but one of the most crucial aspects of being human. It’s a magical experience that, if you are looking for real companionship, happens between two people.  However, there are few of us who have ever thought to dig out why we fall in love. And of course, there are many reasons for one to fall in love. We are here discussing some reasons to love.

Natural feel for opposite sex  

Being humans, it is but natural that we are attracted towards the opposite sex. This is common even in animals and we humans generally fall for someone who is really appealing and fits in our category.

We love because we are social beings

This is one of the potential reasons for humans to love. We are the social beings and hence there is a need for love. We couldn’t spend our whole life without love. So we need a partner to fill that void gap.

Sharing feeling

This is another reason for humans to love. We definitely need someone who is close to us and the one who we can share our feelings with.

Unmet needs

As we grow up, we start acquiring more and more desires and needs wherein some of them aren’t met. Based on these unmet needs, we start building the picture of our potential partner we would love to be with. So, when we meet someone who fits in your picture, we fall in love with him/her.

Need for Companionship

Being social animals, we all need companionship. We need friends, our circle and above all a special partner who is perfect companion you can share your secrets and/or almost everything with.

Peer group pressure

If your peer group consists of people who are into one relation or the other, you might find yourself under tremendous pressure to look for your love, even when you aren’t interested. Repeated questions about your love, your relationship with opposite sex can lead you to find a companion for you.


If we find someone who is too attractive to resist and fits in our category or appropriate for us, we usually fall in love with the person.

Need for sex

In this materialistic world, some people love (read lust) for sexual gratification only. Such people look for partners just for sex and go for partners one after the other as soon as they exploit them for their wicked gratification.