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Why do we need biodiversity

Why do we need biodiversity

One prime feature of nature is that it connects us all together. No single species can survive alone. We all, directly and indirectly, depend on each other for survival and well being. Our environment needs the participation of millions of different species to function steadily. Biodiversity gives our world the unique variety that is not found in any other planet of the solar system. Every species of flora and fauna has a particular duty to serve. With its extinction that duty will remain unfulfilled and create a hole in nature’s web. Such gaping holes can cause severe imbalance in our ecosystem.

Biodiversity provides us with many different sorts of food and resources. Without it the spice of life named variety would disappear. Today what humans have achieved is due to the presence of several different types of plants and animals. Biodiversity keeps the nature clean and increases the amount of oxygen in the air, which is necessary for most living organisms for staying alive.  Pollution can be controlled with the help of biodiversity. The soil needs trees for holding them tight and keeping it safe from erosion. Huge forests bring rain and supply drinking water to the human civilization.

Agriculture and farming have so many different segments only because of biodiversity. Jute and cotton are two of the many crops which are turned into clothes and bags. The main medicine of malaria, quinine, is collected from the bark of a tree named cinchona. We get to eat new foods everyday because there is biodiversity. Humans love to explore and enjoy the new. Biodiversity keeps the fickle human mind from getting bored and frustrated. Biodiversity is the reason why the nature is so beautiful. We make all luxury or needful items from the materials we collect from nature. Without biodiversity all the beauty and glory of mankind would be demolished.

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