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Why do we humans cry

Why do we humans cry

We all have cried at some point of time or other. Scientists are still speculating the reasons of human tears. Pain can make even the animals cry but only humans cry due to emotional stress. There are many contradictory theories regarding crying. The pang where our heart is followed by tears swelling up in our eyes is a common experience and we all had our share of it. Even good books, movies and music can induce tears. One of the opinions about tears is that it is the result of the human capacity for empathy. Often we merge ourselves with the characters of the books or the tragic hero of a movie.

Some scientists believe that crying is a biological mechanism that cleans our eyes and keeps the eyes safe from bacteria attacks. This theory is true to some extent but do not cover the different manners of crying. Children cry partly in surrender and to let others know that they have surrendered. Tear has been recognized by scientists as a way to protect us from persecution and our attackers. Tears show that we have accepted defeat and will not attack or fight again. Tears make our vision blurred and show the vulnerable side we hide generally.

Tears secrete the chemical substances which cause us to feel down or sad. By crying we purge our hidden tensions and stress. It gives us a chance at more clear and objective thinking. Crying has also been used as a tool for manipulation because it is perceived as a sign of weakness. Humans are capable of feeling intense emotions and too much emotional stress brings down the tears. Though some scientists believe that crying has a cathartic effect no evidence has yet been found to prove this with certainty.

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