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Why do we need democracy

Why do we need democracy

Society has been created to help the prosperity of mankind and to protect it. It is human nature to crave power over its contemporaries. The power lust of men knows no bound and that is why we need some social tools that can effectively protect humans from each other. Democracy is one such social tool that protects the rights of citizens and doesn’t let a government overpower the populace. Every country has some responsibilities towards its residents. By birth the citizens acquire some rights, like equal working opportunity, education, nutrition and individual opinions. Without democracy such birth rights will become subjugated by some higher authoritarian figure.

Democracy aims at maintaining social equilibrium and keeping peace between the different social strata. In most modern society there are people with different yet strong moral values and religious faith. To make sure that one social sect doesn’t snatch away the individuality of another we need democracy. Democracy gives us the right to choose the government or leaders who take us forward or help our growth and development. In other types of social systems the leaders do not wait for public opinion.

If there was no voting system or democracy then we won’t be able to voice our opinions as freely as we do now. Democracy gives us the freedom of speech. The government is forced to take necessary measures for the betterment of the various social segments or else it is removed by the public. Democracy makes the public powerful and acknowledges our importance as the constituent of society. It is democracy which has made world peace more feasible as every nation is now more focused in improving their trade and commerce and seeks cooperation from other countries. Democracy creates the right environment for social and national development.

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