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Why do we need human rights

Why do we need human rights

A certain whim of some people can take an aggressive turn and destroy many innocent lives if not checked at origination. Human rights protect humans from humans and ensure that they are secure. The International Human Right Laws came into being in 1945 when the violence of the Nazis on the Jews shook the world and made it clear that without some strict international, protective laws no man under the sun is safe. Human rights clearly state the birth rights that every human possesses and prevents people from trampling on the faith or rights of others.

The human rights have taught us that we all have equal rights and deserve the same kind of opportunities. Humans cannot survive just by eating or sleeping. We need a lot more than that. A man or woman has the right to express their opinions without fear of criticism or persecution. This is exactly where the human rights laws help us. They act as a protection against the violence we might be subjected to by powerful sects of society. Human rights proclaim that every man is equal in the eyes of laws and all sorts of discrimination against men are barbaric.

It is the presence of human rights that makes the government of different countries act in favor of social and financial progress of the dwellers. Human rights also bring to fore the inequality issues between men and women and resolve them. Human rights have given voting power to all segments of the society. Human rights stops unjust and cruel behavior against the weak or the incapable. It is true that nature has not endowed everyone equally but in this world everyone has the right to pursue happiness in their own way and live a happy and healthy life. Human rights make sure that this is possible.

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