Why Do We Need Magnesium in Our Diet


Magnesium is one of the most important minerals required by our bodies. We will not feel energetic if magnesium lacks in our routine diet. People also feel tensed and anxious if there is lack of magnesium in their bodies. The list of health problems happening from a deficiency of magnesium does not end here. In fact, magnesium is a miracle mineral that helps us stay away from a variety of diseases and health issues. Check out what it does for our bodies and why we need an ample amount of magnesium in our diet.

To maintain bones and teeth

The formation of basic structural components of our bones and teeth is supported by magnesium. In old age, people mostly experience osteoporosis due to a lack of magnesium in their diet. Thus, it is very essential to eat foods rich in magnesium that could improve our bone density.

To balance nutrients and produce energy

Magnesium is also required to keep a balance of various nutrients in our bodies. Some of these nutrients include vitamin D, calcium, potassium, copper and zinc. In addition, magnesium activates enzymes and helps our bodies produce energy. Thus, magnesium helps a lot when you need to stay energetic and vibrant.

To maintain blood pressure and protect heart

Magnesium helps in maintaining a healthy heart and normal blood pressure. The risk of any cardiovascular disease is reduced if a person intakes the sufficient amount of magnesium. This essential mineral can lower our blood pressure if consumed through magnesium-rich food items, such as fruits, dark green and leafy vegetables, nuts, etc.

To prevent diabetes

Diabetics usually have low magnesium levels in their blood. Based on various studies, it has been suggested by medical experts that people should have a proper intake of magnesium in order to prevent Type 2 diabetes to a certain extent.