Why Do We Need Technology Integration

Technology Integration

When we use a variety of technology tools in combination with traditional classroom education in order to facilitate students’ learning and problem solving abilities in general content areas, the process is known as technology integration. Although technology can create a revolution in the process of learning, it is the actually the curriculum that drives its usage in case of technology integration. Let us learn about some of the common reasons behind a classroom’s requirement for technology integration.

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Why Do We Need Magnesium in Our Diet


Magnesium is one of the most important minerals required by our bodies. We will not feel energetic if magnesium lacks in our routine diet. People also feel tensed and anxious if there is lack of magnesium in their bodies. The list of health problems happening from a deficiency of magnesium does not end here. In fact, magnesium is a miracle mineral that helps us stay away from a variety of diseases and health issues. Check out what it does for our bodies and why we need an ample amount of magnesium in our diet.

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Why Do We Need a Census


Many people think that being a part of a census does not make any difference. However, it is not true. There are several objectives of a government that a census fulfills. It is usually made mandatory by various constitutions, as it helps national governments in taking very important decisions for their existing and future populations. A census is a way to shape the future of a country. There are various critical and not-so-critical services that need to be provided to the citizens of a country. If a census were done, governments would know the types of services required by citizens currently and in future.

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Why Do We Need a Space Weather Forecast

Space Weather Forecast

Space near the Earth keeps having a variety of environmental changes that together constitute space weather. Many types of effects keep occurring in the upper atmosphere. Its surrounding magnetic field interacts with several kinds of particles, matter and radiations. When a stream of solar particles interferes with the weather of space, it starts developing in the form of a solar wind that also makes a strong impact on the Earth. When this solar activity goes higher, many kinds of solar eruptions can disturb the Earth’s atmosphere in a much stronger way.

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