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Why do we need sugar in our blood

Why do we need sugar in our blood

Every machine or engine needs some sort of fuel and for our body and mind sugar acts as the fuel. We need sugar in our blood for staying active and healthy. Our every activity makes us spend some amount of energy. Our mind is always active, except the time when we are sleeping but even then our mind controls the body functions and makes us dream. The brain requires sugar all the time for producing energy with the help of oxygen. Blood is the carrier of sugar or glucose and if tested at any point of time some amount of sugar will be found in our blood.

Often when the level of glucose is too low in our blood the brain does not get sufficient sugar and we start feeling dizzy and lethargic. You have probably noticed that when you have sweated a lot or worked hard and feeling tired a glass of glucose water revives your energy and vigor. This is because the glucose instantly reaches the brain cells and reenergizes them. Without glucose our brain cells become weak and cannot instruct or regulate the different body functions properly.

For our well being we need to consume both monosaccharide and polysaccharide in appropriate amounts. It is true that the presence of too much sugar in our blood leads to diabetes but still we cannot overlook the necessity of blood sugar. Our blood sugar level is controlled by the hormone insulin. If insulin production decreases then the amount of excess sugar in our blood increase beyond the natural limits. We should consume more natural sugars in the form of vegetables and fruits instead of adding extra spoonfuls of sugar in our tea or food. Moderation is the key to good health. Blood sugar is not a bad thing if present in moderate amounts.

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