Why do breasts sag


Millions of women have suffered from the problem of a negative image of their breasts. Sagging of breasts is one of the main reasons why so many women lack confidence regarding their own body. There are many different reasons that can trigger sagging of breasts in women and they become shy from wearing tight daring clothes and cannot enjoy intimacy with their sexual partners. To understand why breasts get sagged you need to know the constituents of breasts. The female breasts are made of fat and ligaments but lack muscle tissues. The first reason of sagging is gravitational pull. Heavy breasted women experience sagginess because their breasts are continuously being pulled downwards.

Involution is another important reason behind the sagging of breasts. After a woman has given birth if she doesn’t breast feed or when the need of weaning a newborn ceases to exist involution occurs. This means that the milk producing system within the female breasts shrink and the skin does not shrink. As a result the skin hangs loose. Excessive weight gain affects the production of hormones in female bodies and can cause breast sagging. It has been observed that losing too much weight too fast can cause breasts to sag. This is because the fat from breasts dissolve and the breast loses its shape.

If a girl works out or jumps without proper supportive bra then her breasts can sag due to the excessive stress. With age the ligaments lose their strength and the skin loses its elasticity. This results in the sagging of breasts as well. Some foods and regular massage can help you in retaining the firmness of your breasts. While massaging always use upwards strokes and keep citrus fruits in your diet. Though many women think that breast feeding causes breasts to sag this is just a myth.