Why do we still text and drive

Why do we still text and drive

We all know that texting while driving is dangerous and one can get slapped with a huge fine or even go to jail for texting while driving. Almost every few days we hear horror stories of fatal car accidents caused by drivers that were texting while driving. So why do we continue to text while driving despite knowing that it is illegal and dangerous? Let’s find out.

We are addicted to texting

We live in a world where sleep texting is a real disorder! Not many of us can resist checking a new text or responding to it and some people even begin to experience anxiety if they know they have a new text on their phone or that they need to send out a text. Texting has become second nature to us and we are in fact addicted to texting. Most of us simply cannot suppress this instinct to text even when we’re driving.

It is hard for cops to spot someone texting while driving

When cellphones first became commonplace, most countries around the world introduced laws that banned taking a phone call while driving. However, it is much harder for cops to catch a driver texting while driving which means that most people who text while driving simply don’t ever get caught. This has had a huge impact on people’s attitudes and most people think they would never get caught texting while driving.

We believe it’s harmless

We have become so accustomed to texting that we don’t even need to look up or pay attention to the world around anymore. We can cross roads while texting, we can text in half sleep, we can text during meetings and we can text when walking down a flight of steep stairs. This has essentially made us cocky and we believe that texting while driving is harmless.