Why do we study Psychology

Why do we study Psychology

I often wonder what makes certain individuals opt to major in Psychology. What is with the field that intrigues a person enough to want to study it? And what are the benefits of the field that apparently deals with nothing more than the human mind? Well, there may be more to it than you think so!

A scientific study related to the mind, Psychology deals with human behavioral patterns and different mental processes. The study is directly and indirectly related to other disciplines like computer, biology, forensic sciences, philosophy, sociology and even literature.

While curiosity and a passion for knowledge leads many individuals to opt for psychology, there are several other reasons that can reinforce their decision. These include:

Unlimited Challenge and Excitement

Psychology can open doors to some of the deepest mysteries of the human mind. How is the human mind related to our bodily functions? How does it work in times of stress? How does it respond to physical or emotional traumas? How can it switch between different inner states to reflect distinct personalities simultaneously? How can you change a person’s attitude by working on his mental processes? The list goes on and on and on! There is no limit to the number of intriguing, interesting and extremely exciting questions that you can ask and research in the field.

Incredible Uses

Most of us may not know it, but psychology opens the door for potential treatment of a number of mind related disorders like stress, depression, mental illness and memory loss etc. It can also be used to improve social interactions and aid in overall personal development as well. Studying Psychology can also aid in studies relating the human mind with artificial intelligence in machines.

Excellent Career Prospects

The career prospects for individuals majoring in Psychology are as limitless as the field itself. With large parts of the mind and its function still remaining unsolved, the field and the domain knowledge it provides will always be valuable.

In addition to several jobs that rely on psychology in the fields of medicine and forensic sciences etc. majoring in psychology can give an individual an edge over the others when it comes to honing the interpersonal skills needed for a job, including oral communication, analytical skills, independent research and computer literacy etc.