Why do we exist

Why do we exist

A certain group of people claims that like every other being on this earth, humans too evolved over the period of time for basic life matter. Another group of people claims that humans have no real purpose to sustain their lives. Which of these claims is true? Why do we actually exist? Here are some possible answers to these questions.

Studies have revealed that the existence of human life is linked to a particular law of physics called as Negative Entropy. According to this law, the matter present in an open system can draw more energy from outside it to integrate and form complex life forms. This law extends to the basic principle of the earth drawing energy from the sun for its needs.

Likewise, the matter present in the open system would depend on this outside energy source to transform itself into arrangements that are more complex. And one of these complex arrangements happens to be ‘life’ and the humans who pretty much evolved in the same way as the other arrangements. Therefore, the so-called integration of matter can be considered as the basic reason as to why we exist!

However, there is a basic flaw in this theory. Accordingly, humans need to be loving and cooperative with one another in order to sustain their integration. In most cases, however, individuals tend to show streaks of selfishness, aggression and competitiveness. Moreover, in order for the integration theory to work, it is imperative for us to find out the exact origin of these divisive traits in humans.

Research has led to the belief that this divisive behavior in humans came into existence with the development of consciousness, a factor that brought about the major difference between humans and their instinct driven animal counterparts. With that consciousness arose bad traits like aggressiveness and selfishness that need to be endured for theory of integration to take root and hold its ground.

This makes us conclude that humans are a byproduct of negative entropy and were not created sans a purpose. So, for all those of you out there who feel that life is meaningless and there is no purpose to life before and after birth, this article may serve as an eye opener of sorts and bring a new meaning to your life!