Why Do We Waste Food At Home

Waste Food At Home

It is a time when every nation is focusing on saving its food resources and every household is seeking to cut down its family budget. Still, there are many of us who keep wasting precious food items at home. With rising costs of living, why are we still so wasteful? There are various reasons people cite regarding food wastage at homes.

Extra purchases

Many people do bulk shopping, but they forget to buy only the required amounts of food items. Sometimes, they buy certain products that are not even required or are overstocked with them already. In such cases, they end up with many extra purchases. These extra items are improperly stored at times, and thus, go waste when not utilized. Thus, bulk buying or extra purchases contribute to a high amount of food waste.

Unclear labeling and improper storage practices

Some manufacturers do not clear label their food products or do not mention proper storage conditions for these items. In such a case, people are unaware of the right storage practices that should be followed to protect their purchased foods. Thus, improper storage leads to rotten food products at times. Some people might also lack the knowledge of right storage practices. Ultimately, what goes waste is the improperly stored food.

Overestimating food portions

It must have happened to you too that you overestimated your food portion while you could not finish it after actually starting to consume it. The same happens with children when their mothers serve them more than they can actually consume. When we overestimate food portions, it is bound to lead to the wastage of unconsumed food.

Thus, it is very essential to take care of such critical aspects so food does not go waste. Buying and eating the required amounts of food will help prevent its enormous wastage.