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Why Do Our Neighbors Hate Us

Why Do Our Neighbors Hate Us

Whether you talk about a small area or a nation, your neighbors always have multiple reasons to hate you. However, there are some common aspects that all people have in mind while they develop a feeling of hatred for their neighbors. An important reason is the growth and prosperity the other party is experiencing. If your neighbor feels that you have all such amenities that are possessed by a high-status person, they are more likely to be jealous of you. It is the same as if a country hates another country when they develop on a global level more than their neighbors do.

Another factor that affects the feelings of your neighbors is your behavior with them. They may hate you if they do not like the way you talk to or behave with them. If they are unclear about your intentions for them, that is a reason for them to behave awkwardly with you. They may not display it openly, but they might hate you behind your back. At certain times, your intentions may be right but your neighbor may not understand it. They may hate you while you cannot do anything about it.

Your irresponsibility in concern with some common or supportive tasks might also lead your neighbor to hate you. For example, your neighbor might want you to help them with certain work while you carelessly disregard their request due to your own urgency. While you may be concerned about their issue, they may hate you because of not receiving a proper explanation of your behavior or attitude toward them. With similar repeated occurrences, your neighbor might start hating you badly. Thus, it is all based on your interactions with your neighbors and your societal status that your neighbors hold a certain opinion about you.

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