Why do web designers use tables with invisible borders

Why do web designers use tables with invisible borders

Tables are one of the basic design tools for HTML documents. Table comes with different functions. They allow you to control page layout and gives the opportunity to create more visually interesting pages. Tables also part many sections on documents such as sidebars, navigation bars, titles, captions and framing images. Tables are just use as one most popular web page design method.

This show the importance of table while designing a web page. So let’s learn some more interesting things about tables like why designer prefer table with invisible borders. Table with invisible borders are also called invisible tables and before understanding their preference while designing a web page, get the idea about Invisible tables.

Normally in a table there are rows and columns but a table becomes invisible only when you specify the border attribute to “0” which is denoted as “border=0,” the table disappears and no one can see the underlying structure. If you are thinking about creating one invisible table, first set the border attribute to 1 or 2 and as soon you complete your job, change the attribute to 0. As every browser has the tendency to show the web pages in a slightly different way from what you have designed and it affects the way readers see visualize the content of the page.

So, the main advantage of using invisible tables is that it gives you maximum control of your web page and always present the actual look, the way you designed it and the layout of the web pages you wrote.

Web designers use invisible table because they are the best way to organize text and images in a web page. Without proper way, it might be possible that the text or the uploaded images get stretched from the way they are entered.