Why Do Women Worry So Much


If you ask a typical man what women are like, he is likely to come up with a bunch of really stereotypical notions. Among the top stereotypes about women is that they worry too much. That being said, the stereotype isn’t necessarily untrue. We investigate what are the factors that make women worry so much.

It’s a way to combat stress

The whole psychiatric and psychological therapy industry is based on getting people to talk about their feelings and problems. Women, however, have known the importance of talking about problems instinctively since time immemorial. Experts agree that worrying a natural way to let out some of the physical buildup of stress in the body.

It’s a problem solving mechanism

One of the major by-products of worrying is that helps women find solutions to their problems. Since vocalizing problems is the first step in being able to find solutions to them, the instinct to worry allows women to effectively solve problems before they snowball into something bigger.

It’s a product of patriarchal social setups

Throughout the early stages of human evolution, women were entrusted with caring for children and taking care of the sick and elderly members of a tribe while men went out and hunted and foraged for food. Over time, this system developed into patriarchy. As women’s rights to make decisions for the tribe suffered a blow, they began using worrying out loud as a way to voice their opinions and to make their concerns heard.

It’s a way to show affection

Most people would agree that their mothers and wives worry about their health and personal problems way too much. But what most people also don’t understand that worrying about children and husbands is just a way for women to show care and affection for them.