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Why do you procrastinate

Why do you procrastinate

The bad habit of prolonging a work or not touching it until the very last moment is called procrastination. Many of us suffer from this habit and have to suffer unnecessary stress due to this. It is always better to finish the job at hand and then take a break or relax for some time but some people would just delay in starting the work even after knowing that they need to finish it immediately. The question is why we tend to procrastinate and how to cure this bad habit. Understanding the root causes behind procrastination can help us get rid of it and finish our work with lots of time left in hands.

When we are challenged by a work of considerable complexity then we tend to procrastinate and waste time showing some flimsy reason. If you too do the same you should try solving this issue by dividing a tough job into some parts and completing each in turn. Children and teenagers procrastinate cleaning their rooms and doing their homework. This is because cleaning the room or doing the sums seem unpleasant to them. We often delay in doing the work which we dislike. To solve this problem you should fix a small prize for yourself for finishing the unpleasant task.

Not having a clear idea about the priority of work can also make you procrastinate. When we do not know which work to do first and have multiple tasks at hand you start procrastinating due to confusion and none of the work gets done. The best thing you can do is make a to-do list and categorize work according to priority. The inability to make decisions can also cause delays in work and makes us procrastinate. Two other major reasons behind procrastination is the fear of failure or rejection and being engrossed in some fun activity that takes up all your time.

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