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Why Do Your Rabbits Lose Fur

Why Do Your Rabbits Lose Fur

If you own pet rabbits and have noticed them losing their fur recently, then it is definitely not an issue to ignore. While it may be a natural shedding process during the year, you cannot avoid the possibility of an infection or disease. Check out here some possible reasons why your pet rabbit may be shedding its fur.

Environmental factors

In some cases, losing fur is a natural process in which rabbits shed at a certain time period or season during the year. While it is possible due to their genetic response, it can also be a result of rabbits feeling uncomfortable due to artificial lighting or weather. Thus, pet rabbit owners need to be careful about making them comfortable at their place of stay.

Parasite trouble

When you start noticing flaky skin or inflammation on the body of your pet bunny, then it is time to take some medical assistance from a vet. There are several types of mites that can infest them. Parasites like mange mites or fur mites can cause itching and scratches on their bodies. Therefore, rabbits start losing fur.

Dental issues

If your rabbit has not been eating properly or refusing to eat or drink, then there may be some dental issues. When it happens, rabbits also start losing fur from the area around the mouth or under the chin.

Urine burn

Some rabbits may lose fur around their hind legs, tails or bellies. Such specific fur loss can be the result of urinary tract infections or bladder stones. The situation demands immediate attention on your part.

Rabbit fights

When you have more than one rabbit, then it is usual for them to have fights while you are not around. During these fights, they may scratch each other and remove some fur too.

Hormonal problems

While it is a rare cause of fur loss, it may happen that your rabbit has hormonal imbalance of some kind. It is important to get it checked if you cannot notice another significant cause.

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