Why Does Interval Training Burn More Fat

 Interval Training Burn More Fat

Is your treadmill run not helping you to reduce fat? Do not worry and give a try to interval training that can burn more fat as compared to other forms of training. If you want to know about the reasons behind the interval training helping you to cut more calories, then check out the following points.

High intensity of interval training

Interval training is a kind of exercise of high intensity in short bursts. Instead of spending hours on other trainings, you can simply choose to spend a few minutes on interval training and burn more calories. You can achieve high intensity through any means, including biking, running or swimming. The idea is to burn a large number of calories in a short time, then take a longer time to recover through milder exercise, and then repeat this process to burn the intended amount of fat. Working out in alternate high- and low-intensity patterns can benefit more than a static session.

Less fatigue

Working out in an alternate pattern of interval training can process your build-up of lactic acid in the body. This helps in the reduction of fatigue. When you have less fatigue, you may be able to burn more calories by acting faster and for a longer duration. Thus, you burn more fat than what you can burn during other training sessions.

Better ability to burn calories

Interval training is a repeatable, high-intensity session of a few seconds that uses the glycogen stored in your muscles to gain energy for the workout. Doing the same in a consistent manner further enhances your body’s ability to work harder and burn more fat.

Post-workout calorie cut

Even after finishing a session of interval training, your body keeps consuming oxygen and calories so it can come to a state of rest. Thus, what you burn after an interval training session is much more than what you burn after a regular aerobic session.