Why Do We Need a Balanced Diet

Balanced Diet

You might have heard about eating a balanced diet. However, are you aware of the reasons behind eating a balanced diet? If not, read on to know about the essential components of food and why should these be balanced in your diet.

 For receiving the right amount of nutrition

Your body needs a specific amount of essential elements that can only be provided by a mix of healthy food items you consume. You not only need fats, carbohydrates and minerals in your diet, but also need a sufficient amount of protein, vitamins, dietary fiber and water. A healthy mix of these components constitutes a balanced diet.

For bodily growth, development and maintenance

Our bodies need us to consume a balanced diet, as it offers all types of nutrients that support the healthy growth and development of the body. From birth onwards, children need to consume all types of healthy food items in order to support their proper growth. Minerals and vitamins lead to a proper development of bones and teeth, as well as nourish our skin. All the nutrients together are responsible for the right working of body parts and processes. Improper consumption of nutrients can make your body weaker.

To avoid diseases and maintain the immunity system

A balanced diet reduces the risks of various types of diseases in people. It maintains the optimal functioning of your body and your immunity system. While consuming more fruits and vegetables helps in controlling your blood pressure, reducing the intake of saturated fats leads to the protection of heart. In the same way, fibrous foods maintain low levels of cholesterol and reduce your chances of getting diabetic or obese. Thus, every food component has its own role in the proper functioning of your body. Consuming a balanced diet makes you strong and healthy, as you receive all required components in the right amount.