Which Account Does Not Appear on the Balance Sheet?

Which Account Does Not Appear on the Balance Sheet

So, which account does not appear on the balance sheet? Knowing the difference between an asset account and a liability is important if you keep track of your finances. An asset is like a capital that deposits money in your pocket, while a liability is a debt that costs you money. For example, your house … Read more

Which Planet Is the Hottest?

Which Planet is the Hottest

So, which planet is the hottest? While the solar system’s giant planets’ cores may receive a considerable amount of energy via radioactivity and gravitational contraction, their surface temperature is primarily determined by the light and heat given by the Sun. All the planets, including Earth, are kept at an approximate temperature, a few Kelvin over … Read more

Which Pedal Is the Brake?

which pedal is the brake

So, which pedal is the brake? Do you know which pedal in a car is the brake? In this blog post, we will explore the history of the brake pedal and find out why it is located on the left side of the car. Keep reading to learn more! Which Pedal Is Gas and Which … Read more

Which Planet is Farthest From the Sun?

Which Planet is Farthest From the Sun?

Pluto is generally the farthest planet from the Sun, assuming it is still classified as a planet. However, because Pluto’s orbit is highly elliptical, there are times when Pluto’s orbital distance is less than that of Neptune. Every 248 years, this happens for around 20 years. Neptune’s distance from the Sun was greater than Pluto’s … Read more

Which Birds Are Mammals?

Which Birds Are Mammals?

Which birds are mammals? It seems like a strange question, doesn’t it? Because you know mammals are the only animals with milk-producing glands and when you think of a bird, no picture of a breastfeeding offspring flashes in your mind. Birds don’t do that. Birds lay eggs, most of them can fly, and they have … Read more