Why do Tectonic Plate Movements Cause Earthquakes

You might have studied, or might be studying, a general introduction to tectonic plates inside the Earth’s surface during your school years. These geological objects undergo an interesting environmental phenomenon, technically called tectonic plate movements. It is a common thing that keeps on going beneath the Earth’s surface in different regions across the world. Only those plate movements that are impulsive enough are experienced on the surface.

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Why Do Landslides Happen

Have you seen those mass movements of soil and debris down the steep slopes and wondered why they occur? Let us tell you that those thunderous movements are called landslides and they do not happen without any reason. In fact, there are many factors that lead to the sliding of land, soil or rocks. While there are natural factors driving landslides, human factors also contribute to such disasters. Read on to know more about certain specific reasons of a landslide.

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Why Do Buildings Collapse During Earthquakes

Buildings Collapse During Earthquakes

High-intensity earthquakes often make several buildings collapse. An earthquake is actually the result of sudden releases of high energy that take place from the crust of Earth. Since an earthquake leads to travelling waves of high intensity, such waves can easily give a jolt or shock to any building. However, one never knows the direction these waves would take. There could be slips in a fracture that could go up, down or even horizontal. When buildings are designed, these are made to bear their own vertical load. Attention is also given to design buildings in a way to bear some lateral load.

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Why do earthquakes happen

why do earthquakes happen

Though at a glance, the surface of earth seems completely stationary and dead, the fact is that a lot of things keep occurring inside the surface of our planet at all times. This movement that continuously happens inside the surface of the earth, results in everything from volcanic eruptions to earthquakes. The results of both could be extremely devastating at times and the world has seen the aftermaths caused by such natural disasters.

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