Why do babies cry

Why do babies cry

A crying baby can put parents under constant stress. If your baby cries a lot throughout the day then it will be important for you to understand the reasons behind his/her crying first so that you can handle them easily.

Babies cry for a variety of reasons since crying is their only method of communication and they can’t express their emotions without crying. Babies cry when they are hungry. If you are breastfeeding your baby then your baby may feel hungry fast as compared to formula fed babies.

If your baby is sleepy and wants the comfort of your touch then also he/she may begin to cry. Take the baby in your lap and make him/her sleep.

Sometimes babies cry when their nappies get wet and they want to get it changed. Always check nappy first when he/she starts crying. Sometimes, baby cry inconsolably for many hours without any apparent reason. Traditionally this kind of crying was called colic and was associated with stomach upset and gas but now the experts believe that it is not necessarily caused by stomach upset. The child may be simply unhappy and want to cry.

Sometimes babies cry when they want to be help by someone. The need of touch is very high among infants of two months of age and do not hesitate in cuddling them and holding them in your lap. Hold your baby whenever he/she cries and comfort him/her in your lap.

Sometimes when your baby feels too hot or too cold he/she may express discomfort by crying. Touch his/her tummy and observe, if you find the tummy too cold then cover him/her with a blanket and if you find it warm then remove her blanket or covering sheet.