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Why do people waste money on cars

Why do people waste money on cars

In the never ending race of materialism and show off cars have always remained a constant. For some people buying new and expensive cars is a way of life. There is nothing unethical in it but when we juxtapose the massive amounts of money wasted on shiny cars (which solve no other purpose than ferrying you from one place to another) to the millions of people across the world who do not have means to live life with dignity and who are constantly being oppressed by capitalist forces, it seems a huge waste and to a certain extent unethical expenditure also.

It raises the fundamental question in my mind, why do people need to waste money on cars when all the cars do the same job irrespective of their price tag? I guess, people tend to associated cars with their social status, self esteem and entertainment in their lives and these sleek and glitzy motors seem to fulfill these needs in best possible manner for such people.

For some people running in the most expensive car around is probably a way to assert that they are rich and they can afford most expensive things in life. It kind of helps them in boosting their self esteem. For some other people, driving around in latest and most expensive models of cars is the best way to entertain them. They seem to enjoy the latest gadgets and gizmos attached with these cars and driving such cars on speed makes their day.

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