Why do videos run slowly on my computer

Why do videos run slowly on my computer

Your computer can be prone to many software and hardware defects and one of them can be slowly running videos. Videos don’t run properly on your computer’s video software or in web browser generally because of a software or hardware glitch from a damaged video card, old RAM or computer processor and many times from outdated video players and drivers. The old, outdated software and hardware can cause video playing problems. Let’s check out how it actually happens.

Video card is a vital device, connected to the computers motherboard, which is used to handle the processing of image to the computer’s monitor. Sometimes many old video cards are not able to play certain videos like High Definition ones, which require powerful video cards to play them. Updating video cards can be a solution to your slow running videos problem.

RAM can also be responsible for causing video problem. RAM is required for storing temporary data while operating computer. If you have a 516 MB or less RAM, then your computer will surely face some problems while playing videos.

Processor is what gives instructions to the system and execute and process data. The processor works with RAM and other storage devices to run the system efficiently and do various other tasks. The new high end processors of latest computers deliver fast performance than the old ones, especially single core processors. The low end computers with old RAM and single core processors deliver slow performance while playing videos. If you face difficulty in playing videos in your old computer, you can easily get one dual core or quad core processor available in the market.

A good 2-GHz processor is quite good for playing HD and high resolution videos. So, a hardware or software upgrade can solve the glitches behind slow running videos.