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Why do we need fiber

Why do we need fiber

Maintaining good health depends largely on the diet we maintain and the food we consume on a daily basis. Fiber rich food is healthy and has many benefits. We need to include food that has plenty of fiber to keep fit. People who are suffering from obesity and want to reduce weight are often advised to keep more fiber in their daily diet. The main sources of natural fiber are vegetables and fruits. Meat, fish and dairy products lack fiber and if someone relies only on a diet of meat they would not get any fiber.

Research has proved that fiber helps our body and health in different ways. It helps the body fight heart diseases and diabetes which is considered a silent killer. People who have problem of constipation find fibers very helpful. Constipation can be painful and embarrassing. Bad bowel movement ruins our power of digestion and capability of enjoying a meal. Soluble fibers can cure this problem. Such fiber can be found in fruits and vegetables. You can consume oat and barley for getting soluble fibers as well. Fiber loosens the stool and adds more volume to eat so that it is removed from your body easily.

Our body takes a lot more time to digest fibers than carbohydrates, proteins and fats. This is why by eating fibers in plenty we feel full for longer periods of time and we don’t feel like snacking on unhealthy or oily food often. Fibers help us maintain weight and even reduce it. Our body cannot digest the insoluble fibers and they add to the bulk of stool. Though fibers are necessary, we should not neglect the need of other nutrients. A well balanced diet is the way to a long healthy life. Keeping fibers in our diet is essential but in moderation.

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