Why do bullies bully people

Why do bullies bully people

Bullying is a very common practice in schools, colleges and other academic institutions. We can also find people bullying at work place, in homes and everywhere. The question is why do people bully? What pleasure do they derive in intimidating people?

The answer is not simple since it is a complex behavior of human beings but researches have tried to find out few factors which can lead to a tendency of bullying among people.

It is seen that generally the seeds of bullying are germinated in the families where people are not warm to each other and do not share love and respect for each other. If punitive atmosphere or inconsistent discipline exists in home then such children turn out to be bullies later in life.

Glorification of violence in films, news and other means of media also provokes people to bully. WWF is such a sport where violence is being glorified and hence in such a culture where violence and power is being promoted, the tendency to bully thrives.

Bullying generally thrives in academic institutions because there disciplinary measures are not strong enough and bullies escape from any kind of punishment for their misdeeds. This provokes people to wield their power and show their negative side in order to attract attention.

Children who have faced any kind of social rejection also tend to grow up with a negative social image and turn into bullies as and when some power comes into their hands.

Bullies also tend to get uncontrollable because the victims do not raise their voices collectively. Collective protest from victims can go a great way in controlling bullies and taming the people who have an urge to bully others.

The power dynamics involved in bullying makes it a favorite activity for some people because for them power is connected with negative social behavior and they do not see their role in any positive light in absence of any ideal or guide.