Why do people waste so much money on cigarettes

Why do people waste so much money on cigarettes

Cigarette smoking is hazardous not only for physical health but also for bank balance. Most of the people who smoke know this fact well but they carry on with their smoking habits. The question is why do people spend so much money on cigarettes?

The answer is very simple. Cigarette smoking is an addiction and anyone who has fallen in the trap of smoking cannot come out easily from it. It needs tremendous will power to quit smoking which an average person lacks.

For smokers, smoking becomes a part of life and they cannot live without it. For them smoking is just like breathing. If the smokers want to enjoy in their friends group, they will smoke. For such people smoking is a way of bonding among close pals. If they are stressed they want to relax by smoking. Hectic lifestyles, tight deadlines and stress caused by emotional, professional and social factors also perpetuate people to smoke to vent out the tension and anxiety.

On an average a normal smoker smokes five to six cigarettes a day. Suppose one cigarette costs $1 then you can imagine the extent of wastage this addiction makes them do. For $1 per cigarette means $5 a day only on smoking. This amounts to $150 a month and $1800 a year. A huge amount which if saved can in a productive manner. This amount if saved on a regular basis can be valuable for an average family but people who smoke do not like to think about this because it imposes moral pressure on them to quit this bad habit.

The spending spree does not end here as the habit of smoking brings a plethora of diseases inadvertently and one needs to spend a lot of money, time and energy in recovering from the ailments. The best way to keep the menace away is to stop smoking completely. Yes, it needs tremendous will power and effort but the rewards are worth it.