Why do cats run the internet

Why do cats run the internet

If you have logged onto YouTube or a popular social media website of late, you’re sure to have seen the latest cat video. Of course anyone who doesn’t like cats would surely be more than overwhelmed by the sheer volume of cat-centric videos and websites and fan forums all of which appear to worship cats more reverently than ancient Egyptians! So why do cats run the internet? Let’s find out.

1. House cats aren’t usually too expressive

Have you ever been around a house cat? If you have, you’d know that a cat’s life around a house basically consists of sleeping, licking itself and shedding all over your expensive couch! Most house cats, however, do not do adorable things like those felines in viral videos do! And that ladies and gentlemen is what makes internet cats so appealing.

2. Cats are the second most preferred pets for families

Almost everyone on the planet has been around a domestic cat at least once. Even families that do not own a cat know someone who owns a cat and have thus seen its antics personally. This means that each and every one of has at least some amount of affection for these house pets and video of them doing cute or funny things thus appeals to a very large demographic.

3. we all need a break from doing our jobs, checking social media and watching porn

When was the last time you logged onto to the internet specifically to look at cat video? We’re guessing that number is between once and never! a majority of the cat videos that have gone viral in the past few years have been created, uploaded and shared by people who were either bored out of their mind, were looking for a way to kill time at the office, had nothing interesting to do on their social media page or needed a break from watching porn!