Why do Christians believe in God

Why do Christians believe in God

Most cultures and religions around the world have their roots in very ancient beliefs that have been passed down generations since the iron and copper ages. In contrast to the pagan roots of other religions, Christianity is a fairly recent addition. Given the Church’s close association with science and modern education, many people don’t understand why Christians believe in God. We try to explain why followers of this religion believe in God.

1. Indoctrination since birth

Anyone born into a practicing Christian family would have at least some faith in the existence of a God. Not because they are mindless followers of the religion but because the principles of the faith are indoctrinate into them since birth. The rituals and rules of the religion are designed to provide a sense of duty, responsibility and morality to followers of the faith as well.

2. Religion provides comfort

One of the biggest reasons why Christians believe in God is because it provides them with a sense of comfort in times of need. During illness, economic hardship and times of extreme stress, Christians can pray to God and ask for spiritual guidance. Christians feel comforted through the faith that even if they have sinned, they can make amends and be forgiven.

3. Science cannot adequately answer all questions

Despite all the advances in science, there are many aspects of human existence that cannot be logically answered like why do accidents happen, why do bad things happen to good people, where have we come from, what happens after death etc. Science hasn’t exactly proven or disproven the existence of God. Thus, Christians find believing in the stories of the bible easier and simpler since they provide at least some answers to the most troubling of all existential questions of human life.