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Why do cattle need salt mineral blocks to lick

Why do cattle need salt mineral blocks to lick

Just like human beings, the cattle too need nutrition or else they become weak and malnourished. One of the primary sources of nutrition for the cattle is mineral blocks. It contains the minerals necessary for different body functions. Many a times the cattle do not get the nutrients they need from just grazing on the fields. They need salt blocks for supplementing the minerals their bodies require. Deficiency of each different mineral can cause complicated health disorder among the cattle which in turn can incur financial loss. To prevent such occurrence salt blocks are used by cattle owners.

White muscle disorder among cows is a result of acute lack of the mineral selenium. The muscles in the cows body turns white from red and it loses its capability of standing. Lack of magnesium leads to a disease named Grass Tetany in cows that are lactating. Dearth of calcium which is essential for bone formation and development can lead to rickets and osteomalacia in calves. Weak calves may even die from the lack of proper nutrition. Without proper nutrition that comes from the natural minerals cattle do not develop the capability of producing milk and their bones become very weak.

Consumption of salt among cattle improves their digestive system. Salt helps in the production of chloride and chloride helps in the synthesis of hydrochloric acid in the stomach of the cattle. Hydrochloric acid helps in faster food digestion. Every cow needs to consume 11 to 15 gm of salt daily for staying in health. The compounds of salt like sodium, and chloride are also necessary part of the blood and it regulates the osmosis between body cells. The food and excretion passes through cells with the help of the ions of the minerals. Salt block licking is a great dietary habit among cattle.


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