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Why do people need to drink water

Why do people need to drink water

Water is synonymous to life and the importance of drinking water cannot be emphasized enough. Water is one of the main constituents of our body and this is evident from the fact that 60% of our body is water. To keep the governing center of our body, the brain, hydrated we need to drink water because 70% of the brain is made of water. Every cell and the blood need water for maintaining the right pressure and balance inside our body. The very first living organism originated in the water of ocean. One of the most vital functions of water is to help in excretion. It removes the harmful toxins and chemicals from our body. If we drink little or no water then we will face problems in urination and fall ill.

Drinking little water makes us thirsty because the brain needs water and it sends signal telling us to drink water to meet the needs of the body. Meager consumption of water can cause cellular dehydration and disrupt the digestion procedure. Cellular dysfunction can lead to dangerous consequences including severe imbalance of the physical functions and the pH levels of our body. Water controls the body temperature by removing the excess heat through sweating and evaporation of the sweat from our body surface.

Water is needed to conduct most of the chemical reactions inside our body. Without water every chemical reaction will be incomplete. Doctors and health experts suggest that each individual drinks at least 7 to 8 glasses full of water. If you do not drink sufficient amounts of water you can become dizzy and suffer from mood swings due to dehydration. Acute and persistent lack of water can lead to coma and even death. Water is something we need in a daily basis because it goes out of our system through sweat and urination. It is necessary for our well being.

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