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Why do common cold symptoms seem to get worse at night

Why do common cold symptoms seem to get worse at night

Cold and cough can be very annoying and bothersome. It makes us more uneasy during the night. The choked nose, the coughing and the breathing trouble at night doesn’t let you rest or sleep in peace. Due to this you feel sleepy and groggy during the day, feeling worse. Have you ever thought why the cold seems to get worse at night time? Some people apply common logic and believe that as they do not work or keep their minds busy in any other work or buzz, the intensity of the uneasiness seems to increase.

When you lie down on bed at night due to bad posture some areas are more pressurized than the rest. It has been deduced scientifically that when the sinus cavity is pressurized due to lying down we feel uncomfortable. This is only true for the times when you are suffering from cold and cough. Hormones work in multiple different ways in our body. Hormones are responsible for producing antibodies that put up a fence against the viral attacks.  During night the hormone production slows down and the number of active antibodies lowers as well, making it easy for the virus to damage our body.

The cold and dry air inside your rooms can worsen your cold and cough symptoms. This is because when you breathe in the dry air your nasal pipe and cavity will become dry. This can lead to further irritation and increase your cough. Lying down horizontally is a reason behind coughing hard at night. Gravitational pull causes irritation. The nasal passage gets choked. Installing a humidifier at your house can help you breathe more easily. While sleeping put some extra pillows below your head so that your head is not exactly horizontal with the rest of your body.



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