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Why do feet stink

Why do feet stink

Stinking feet may be the part of your personality that mars the other great qualities you possess. Many of us suffer from this problem yet very few of us understand the reasons that make our feet so smelly. It specially happens when you wear shoes that keep your feet enclosed for a long time. Smelly socks bear the evidence of just how smelly your feet can be. It makes us wonder how come our feet smell so disgusting than the other parts of our body. We normally wash our feet along with the rest of our body but still it is the feet that become stinky.

Though we do not realize it always, but our feet sweat more than most other body parts. There are more than two thousand and five hundred sweat glands on the lower surface of each foot. Our feet sweat more when we wear socks or shoes that cover our entire foot. Bacteria thrive and increase in number when our feet sweat. They consume the sweat as food and produce waste products that make our feet stink.

Bacteria are always present near us and on our skin but when they get an environment which is favorable for them they start breeding faster. This is exactly happens when you keep wearing a sneaker for too long. The more bacteria are there on your feet the more smelly your feet become. Due to sweating, the bacteria get to eat not only the dead skin cell and dirt from your feet but also the sweat. Their excretion is very stinky. Micrococcus Sedentarius is the bacteria which is responsible for the bad odor in our feet. They produce organic compounds that are volatile in nature. These compounds contain sulfur components which are the main reason behind the very strong bad smell.

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