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Why do computers lock up

Why do computers lock up

We appreciate and totally rely on the artificial intelligence of computer. We bog it down with too much work and keep on pressurizing it till a time when it gets locked up or just freezes. Of course we have to tolerate the consequences and find out a way to make the locked computer work again. There are different issues which affect a computer. To understand why a computer gets locked up all of a sudden you need to understand how it works. You get a brand new PC installed with the latest Windows OS. Then you start downloading hundreds of files and keep on installing different software.

There are may be 15 to 16 different programs running whenever you start your computer. Now each program gives instructions or commands to your computer and it has to complete tasks accordingly. With so many bosses the computer can feel puzzled though it is supposed to act like superman. The programs give out orders at the same instant and these orders need to be synchronized so that every function happens smoothly. Every boss or program inside your computer is operated by several executives. These executives are responsible for maintaining the functionality and clarity of your computers overall performance.

Problem occurs because the executives vie for the same employees at the same time. If two programs wait for a single thing then the function will naturally get halted. This keeps happening when too many programs are started at the same time and need the help of the same tools. Another reason why computer lock ups or freezing takes place is that the memory gets jammed. Just like the daily traffic we face, the routes to the memory also get clogged because to follow an order it needs to be placed first in the memory.

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