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Why do bulls charge when they see red

Why do bulls charge when they see red

Sometimes what the eyes perceive is a complete lie. There are many natural phenomenons which have been misinterpreted or misrepresented. Bullfight is the beloved sport of the Spanish and it is also a very exciting game. The matador dressed in red waves a red piece of cloth or muleta in front of the bull. The bull invariantly charges at the red cloth and the matador tries to trick it and make a kill. The enraged bull makes us question what rivalry it has with the color red. The bull generally is a peace loving animal but when enraged it can take lives and create havoc.

The color red is not the reason why bulls charge at the matador. The only reason why bulls get agitated is the motion of the muelta. The powerful bull is a tough challenge and it is the nature of man to face challenges and emerge victorious. Many Portuguese and Spanish people consider bull fighting an art form instead of a game. It is a cruel art. The matadors are skilled and take training for bringing the bulls down. If the bull fails to injure its opponent then it is sure to die by the sword of the matador.

Bulls, just like other types of cattle, are color blind. They cannot perceive the red and green colors. It is the motion of a thing or irritant which makes the bulls angry. It doesn’t matter if you go near a bull wearing red but make sure you do not move or irritate the bull. Killing the bull in the arena has been prohibited and when defeated they are taken to a butcher house. For the bulls all colors are same. Scientists have tested this theory and found that bulls would attack all colors with equal gusto. The use of red is probably a ploy to hide the blood of the big sized animal.

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