Why do dogs dislike cats so much

Why do dogs dislike cats so much

Though we have been conditioned to think that dogs dislike cats but it is not true entirely. There have been many instances and anecdotes when we have seen dogs and cats living peacefully in each other’s company.

We do not see dogs and cats mixing easily with each other because of their different living styles. While dogs are social by nature and live in a hierarchical set up where they constantly interact and influence other dogs, cats are the reserved one. They lead independent lives and do not get involved into other cat’s lives. Due to this, they often come across as enemies to the onlookers.

When a dog sees a cat for the first time, it goes to befriend the animal in its own way. It wants to sniff at the hind legs of the cat and be amicable with it but on the contrary the cat is not used to of such kind of behavior and does not appreciate it.

Wagging tail is another issue between dogs and cats. For both the animals, wagging their tails means different things which is incidentally diametrically opposite in meaning and intent. While for a dog, wagging a tail means being happy and expressing happiness but for a cat wagging tail means showing anger and unease.

So, when a dog approaches a cat with wagging tail, the cat takes it as a sign of displeasure. On the other hand, when a dog sees a cat with wagging tail he takes it as acceptance while actually the cat is conveying her displeasure. This kind of confusion does not let friendliness blossom between the two animals.