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Why do dogs eat cat feces

Why do dogs eat cat feces

Do you hate to see the mouth of your doggy stuffed with cat feces? You can place your cat’s litter box away from the way in of your puppy, but it does not offer a guaranteed solution to the problem. So what can you do to get rid of this nightmare? Well, you have to dig into the root cause and find out why actually dog eat cat poop.

First of all, it’s a very common issue and you are not alone to face it. According to the veterinary medicine, this medical condition of premeditated intake of fecal matter is “Coprophagia.” Pets, especially dogs, show this behavior and there might be any of the following reasons behind it:

  1. Cat poop contains a huge amount of undigested nutrients, mostly protein. The lack or insufficiency of any of the essential amino acids in their body can cause indigestion of protein, which results into excretion of protein through feces. This protein-rich fecal matter is very appealing to those dogs, which do not receive enough dietary protein.
  2. Some dogs simply act on their instinct and eat cat feces. Usually, puppies see their mothers eating the poop of the young ones in order keep the living places clean so that wild animals become unable to track down the hideaways and attack the cubs. It can be the reason behind their strange behavior.
  3. Your dog can also mimic you. Yes, it is surprising but true! Some dogs follow their owners and try to carry out the similar tasks preformed by them in order to make their jobs easier. It is called “Allelomimetic Behavior.”
  4. Psychological causes like high stress or excessive boredom can also lead dogs to eat cat feces. They might find it similar to various other canine wet foods and chew on it to stay away from strain.

Apart from all these, there are certain physical or medical issues that can make your dog eat cat poop. Consult with a doctor and try to find out the most relevant reason behind the odd behavior of your doggy.

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