Why do dogs eyes tear

Why do dogs eyes tear

When it comes to the most common pet, dog always tops the list. It has been seen that majority of animal lovers prefer to own dogs. However, while raising dogs up, owners often have to deal with a number of troubles related to them. From flea infestation to tearing eyes, puppies or adult dogs have quite a lot of issues.

There is a general concept that sometimes dogs cry or their eyes tear. If you find it very frequent in your doggy, it can simply be ignored. However, if the problem is evident in a single eye and certain other symptoms like reddishness, narrowing of eyes, fat greenish discharge, etc. are also visible along with it, you must try to find out its basic causes.

There might be any of the following reasons behind the condition:

  1. Dogs’ eyes keep generating a tear film all the time, which needs to be drained through the tear ducts. However, sometimes these tear ducts get blocked. As a result, the tear film becomes unable to go out and eyes start to overflow.
  2. Tooth root infection is another big cause behind the fact. If a dog suffers from infections at the roots of teeth, the nerve endings present at that region becomes highly sensitive. It makes his eyes watery over and over again.
  3. Sometimes, dogs’ eyes can tear just because of allergies. It might be pollen of flowers or any other dust particles which can fall in their eyes and make them runny.

Whatever the reason is, as the owner of the pet you need to be extremely careful about the condition of tearing eyes. Your veterinarian would help you identify the root cause of the problem and take necessary steps accordingly. Otherwise, your doggy might get blind or lose his eyesight partially.