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Why do dogs eat their feces

Why do dogs eat their feces

If you are the owner of a dog, chances are big that you have got surprised as well as irritated multiple times to see your pet eating its own poop.  Have you ever thought of what makes it do so? Well, “Coprophagia” or “the habit of deliberate intake of feces” is a common inclination of dogs and there are more than a few reasons behind it. Following are some of those physiological, psychological and behavioral causes:

  1. If your doggy is suffering from poor digestion, there is no surprise that he will eat its own feces. When the diet intended for dogs lack proper nutrients, they often start eating their poop as nutritional snack. We’ve observed that fecal matters containing undigested peanuts or corn are very appealing to puppies.
  2. Sometimes, the normal digestive functions of dogs are interrupted due to the presence of parasites within their body. These worms seep essential nutrients from their body, which eventually make them feel extremely hungry. In such situations, they can eat almost anything and everything available including their own feces.
  3. If you find your doggy eating his stool continuously, try to find out whether he is suffering from boredom or not. According to veterinarians, dogs who are left alone for longer periods of time often found to be bored. They love to play with their poop and eat it now and then just because it gives them a relief from monotony.
  4. Puppies also undergo stress and anxiety caused by various reasons. It can also lead them to consume their own stool. Hence, it is said that they should not be scolded multiple times for this habit. It might worsen the situation.

However, it is always good to consult with an expert prior to finding the solution to the issue, as there might also be certain medical conditions behind the entire incident.

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