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Why do dogs have bad breath

Why do dogs have bad breath

Bad breath is a very common problem in dogs. Majority of dog owners experience this issue at times and get surprised to think that what could cause that awful breath in their pets. Well, dog’s bad breath can be the upshot of a number of minor to moderate reasons. However, if the owner does not take proper care, this might result into serious medical problems of digestive tract, respiratory tract and oral cavity. Here are some potential causes of bad breath in dogs:

  1. In most of the cases, dogs develop bad breath due to the build up of tartar or calculus at different parts inside the mouth. This is basically solidified dental plaque, which is formed on the teeth or gums by constant amassing of minerals from saliva.
  2. Dental disorders, especially periodontal or gum diseases can also lead to terrible breath in dogs. These diseases are cumulatively called ‘Gingivitis’ at their primary stages and cause severe infection to the periodontal tissues in puppies as well as adult dogs. It eventually results into foul breath.
  3. A huge number of bacteria are stored in between the gum and teeth of dogs every day. If their teeth are not brushed regularly in a proper way, they can develop terrible breath.
  4. Certain gastrointestinal diseases can also affect the oral hygiene of dogs and lead to acute gum disorders. If the food items causing harm to the gastrointestinal system can be identified, this issue can be resolved easily.
  5. According to some veterinarians, diabetes and kidney diseases are two other reasons lying behind the bad breath of domestic animals.

However, if you ever experience such issue, make sure that you are consulting with your vet. Being an expert, only s/he can help you find out the root cause and take preventive measures in view of that.

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