Why Do Dogs Escape from Homes

Has your pet dog ever troubled you by running away from home? If so, then it is very important for you to understand the reasons why pet dogs run away. While you may find your dog for once, it may escape once again. By understanding their behavior, you may be able to prevent it from occurring repeatedly. Check out here some common reasons that lead dogs to escape from your home.

Loneliness: As you get bored sitting in a lonely space, your dog can also be bored of his/her den. When nobody pays much attention to dogs, they start feeling bored and miss the excitement happening in the external world. Thus, they want to run away in order to return to a lively place where they feel more comfortable.

Need for a mate: Dogs also need mates to spend time with and play with. This is what drives them to the outside world where they may look for mates. Your male dog may especially have this reason to flee from the house.

Just for running: Sometimes, dogs want to reward themselves by spending time on activities like digging the garden, chasing cats, and roaming around for excitement. They simply love running and this can also be a reason for them to run away from the locked room.

Avoiding an unfamiliar place: When dogs are brought to a new home, they are likely to have such issues like escaping from the house. This is because they want to feel at home, and thus, go back in the direction of their previous home. Pet dogs always want to feel at ease and to have a set routine. It takes them time to settle down in unfamiliar surroundings.

For safety or easy escape: While some dogs may look for a safer place, others may want to jump off a low fence. When they want to avoid any fear or look for freedom, they may escape.