Why do download start fast, then slow down

Why do download start fast, then slow down

You must have faced a common problem where downloads start fast, but then slow down after sometime. But what is the reason behind this annoying problem? The explanation is right here!

Basically, the downloading starts as soon as you click on the desired file, but it holds back as you choose the destination, i.e. downloading folder, and select the particular software. During that time a considerable amount of data gets stored and when you save it, the data starts to flow suddenly. That is not the actual downloading speed! After some time, say one minute, it starts buffering and gives you the actual downloading speed. So, there was no actual fast downloading speed, it was just the saved data that boosted up the speed for some time.

You can also witness the speed fluctuation from the server that is used for downloading. The server gets busy after sometime so you can experience initial fast speed, which eventually goes down by time. World Wide Web has vast number of computers using the internet connection throughout the world and when maximum number of people in your location accesses the web at the same time it causes heavy traffic. That might be slowing down your fast downloading speed.

Apart from above reasons internet downloading speed depends on a lot of things like the quality of your internet connection and, of course, the server provider. ISP blockages can be rare but it can be one of the reasons why you are facing the varying download speed.

One other reason for initial high download speed is that for first few minutes your system has not enough data to give an accurate download speed. Because initially you download only a few KB’s so the speed is inaccurate. After you download a few MB’s you get to know your actual downloading speed.