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Why do programmers use Linux

Why do programmers use Linux

When it comes to programming, passionate programmers are always picky about the operating system to be installed. Operating system is the base of programming and it has been witnessed that programmers prefer Linux over all other operating systems. But why do they choose Linux when they can choose from a number of highly advanced operating systems such as windows and Mac OS? Let’s find out!

Linux and web development basically go hand in hand. Talking about the main features, Linux is best suited over any other operating system in terms of web development, as it has big advantage over Windows or Mac OS. Once you have Linux as your operating system, you don’t have to worry about viruses and any other security problems, so you can concentrate on what really matters, programming. As a programmer, you need to spend a lot of time on internet so it’s very important to keep all your work safe and secure.

One other advantage of using Linux is that it is a real life proper server to test on. Any other browser can store only HTML files but when working with PHP you need the server with PHP support. You can use Windows and Mac OS for that but they are not reliable. So, more than 70 percent of all online servers run on Linux Machines. With Linux on your system you can access fully functioning web server on your PC.

For using Linux you don’t need to spend lots of money. The best part is that you require no license for running Linux as it is open source. You can run Linux on nearly any PC made within last 10-15 years. Being an open source OS, anyone can help you with codes. As programmers love experimenting, Linux gives them the full opportunity to use their skill and they can change it, rip it or sell it. In Linux you can do anything by coding and that’s what programmer love about it.

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