Why Do Equal Rights Matter

People are not equal, but they all deserve the same right. No one should ever be denied the rights they deserve. Most countries in the world are democracies where people elect the government because of the supreme power invested in their hands, which is the right to vote. Human rights are also coined as fundamental rights. For instance, everyone has the freedom of expression or speech.

Why Do These Rights Matter?

Just imagine only a particular section of a society getting the liberty to exercise these rights, a certain group of people would always be denied the rights, which would make it an unpleasant society to live in. Nobody would like to live in such a county or society. Would you?

Main Reasons Why Rights Matter

The following are some main reasons why human rights matter:

  1. Basic Needs are Met:

If a person has all the basic facilities, including medicine, food, water and clothes, they can live with dignity in society like any other citizen. Unfortunately, millions are still denied these rights, which make it a big reason to think about.

  1. Vulnerable are Protected from Abuse:

Power holders sometimes misuse the powers given to them, which need to have a proper check. People who are disabled, LGBT or transgender are targeted the most. Organizations working with human rights make sure to focus more on this section to save them from abuse.

  1. Freedom of Expression and Speech:

Being able to speak without the fear of being reprisal is true freedom to human existence. It is not always easy to agree on everything someone says but, at least, putting your opinions out there and being heard for good is something the freedom of expression and speech provides you.

  1. Practising the Desired Religion:

Considering the cultural diversity and the number of religions practised the world over, it becomes difficult to satisfy all the needs of citizens. However, it doesn’t mean that one cannot follow any particular religion. Human rights acknowledge each aspect and let the people practise their religion and beliefs, at least in democratic countries.

  1. Right to have Equal Work Opportunities:

To flourish in society, one needs to earn and make a living for them. Earning and being independent flourish an individual on many terms and play a major role in backing up society. Human rights make sure no one is denied the work opportunities they deserve.

  1. Right to Education:

Everyone has the right to be educated and explore the potential they hold. A big chunk of the population worldwide suffers from poverty and the basic facilities are far away from their reach. Education is the first ladder to success and no matter the age, caste, colour, race and creed, one must receive it.

Equal rights are important because they embody key values in our society, such as fairness, dignity, equality and respect, without which a society cannot run smoothly. Rights are essential especially for the ones who face abuse and isolation. So, if every individual gets equal rights in a society, they can live freely and with dignity.