Why do fools fall in love

Why do fools fall in love

They say love is blind and that everyone who falls in love happens to be a fool! And sometimes, an individual would tend to fall in love several times over and over again in spite of ending up heartbroken nearly every time.

So what exactly makes such individuals (or ‘fools’ as some call them) fall in love in the first place – and then, over and over again? Here are some possible explanations.

Physical, social and emotional connection

In addition to the physical aspect of a relationship, people often fall in love to validate their own beliefs. Falling in love is akin to creating a bond with another human being which would make these individuals feel whole and purposeful.

The feeling of love would help them get rid of their loneliness, and make them socially active than before. Such individuals would tend to search for love that is emotionally rewarding if not physically intimate.

Combined labor

Falling in love dates back to prehistoric times when man used to look for a suitable companion. Working in groups further enabled these individuals to split the tasks and run a smooth, hassle free life.

Although the ancient man opted for another companion out of compulsion, the feeling transformed into a mutual desire with time, and manifested into what we call ‘love’ today. Though the terms may be different, the general need for a companion to hang around and share chores with is what makes some individuals fall in love.

Love vs. Health

Believe it or not, but love actually makes a person healthier, just because he is happier (not in all cases though). Individuals in love are less prone to bad habits like smoking, drinking and drug abuse. They would also be less likely to suffer from ailments, illnesses or diseases pertaining to stress, anxiety, depression and other psychological factors.