Why do grandmothers exist

Why do grandmothers exist

Play in the rain and you will get cold! Play in the sun and you will get sunburn! Eat less and you will become skinny! Eat more and you will become obese! Don’t eat this! Don’t touch that! And don’t even think about trying to sneak past me at night!

That’s right! If you have one of them ol’ grannies at home, you would be quite used to hearing at least a few of these lines and more. For grannies are grannies, no amount of effort from your side can change their bossiness. The query if we really need grandmothers in this age and time makes us wonder sometimes. Wouldn’t life be better without them breathing down our necks every other moment? Not quite so! For there have been many proven advantages to having a granny in the household. And here are some of them!

Granny Remedies actually work

The recent generations prefer the use of standard medications to treat illnesses. But grannies always prefer homemade remedies that surprisingly work equally well in treating an emergency. So the next time you cut your finger or bump your head, and run out of painkillers or ointments, rush to your granny to get the best possible home remedy to treat your wounds. A readymade doctor within the comfort of your own home! How about that?

Grandmas are baby-free

Another potential reason for a grandma to be in the house is that she would come baby-free and would have loads of time to take care of your babies while you go out to work or shop. A study called the ‘Grandmother Hypothesis’ actually proves this point. The study attempted to compare the children brought up in houses with and without grannies. In more than one case, it was noted that the children who had grannies to take care of them seemed to have faster growth rates and were healthier and more active when compared to children who lived alone with their parents.

Grandmas contribute to increased life span

This has also been proved by several studies. The so called Grandmother effect helped increase the life span of individuals, with children being children longer and adults being adults longer. With an increase in lifespan, the length of the individual stages of life also increased. And with it, the physical and emotional developmental factors also improved, leading to larger and more complex brain structures.

Grandmas prevent child abuse

There is nothing that matches a mother’s love. However, a grandma would usually go above this affection by a notch and dote on her grandkids. She would take the load of parenting off her own kids, thereby preventing child abuse that usually stems from anxiety, depression, stress and other conditions arising from the rigors and responsibilities that come attached with parenting.