Why do girls go into prostitution


They say prostitution is the oldest profession in the world. Judging by its popularity down the ages, we cannot disagree. However, the reasons that compel girls to go into a profession that can be physically and emotionally jarring are not often so well understood. We examine why girls go into prostitution.

They are forced into the crime

Girls that come from extremely poor backgrounds are forced into prostitution by criminals, pimps and sometimes their own family members. These girls are sold as sex slaves or held captive by prostitution rings and are often not even allowed to see any of the money that clients pay. Most girls working as prostitutes have a pimp or an agent that arranges clients for them, oversees the exchange of money and ensures that the girls do not go to the cops or run away.

It’s easy money for girls that are addicted to a certain lifestyle

For girls that aren’t struggling financially but are addicted to a high lifestyle may choose to get into prostitution to support their pricey lifestyle. These girls usually are well incorporated into society and use their contacts to gain access to wealthy men. These girls go into prostitution willingly and often venture out of the profession at some point in their lives.

There are no standards for the service

One of the biggest advantages with a profession like prostitution is that there are no standards for the service. This makes it extremely difficult for client to discern whether the services for a prostitute are good or not. For girls with no skills or job prospects, this represents a fairly easy way to make money. With sex workers getting more rights under the law, the risks of going into prostitution have reduced even further which makes it all the more lucrative for girls that cannot earn money any other way.