Why Do People Like to Watch Commercials about Sex

Commercials about Sex

Mostly, sex is introduced in advertisements to arouse more interest of men and women. It is added to lure the audience so they pay more attention to a particular commercial. However, it is the viewpoint of ad makers and not of the people who listen to or watch these commercials. Let us see what people say about their reasons of liking commercials about sex.

For being pleasurable

Since sex is one of the basic needs of human beings, many people suggest that watching such commercials gives them a pleasurable and erotic feel. Additionally, certain type of sexual imagery appeals them more than the other types. Thus, human brain seems to be directly linked to such imagery in order to develop a liking for it.

For being more attractive

People feel that commercial about sex are more attractive than other commercials. They have a factor that distinguishes them from other ads and this is what makes such ads unique and more appealing to watch. Probably, this aspect is also related to people’s genetic makeup that makes sex a need for them, and thus, more attractive too.

For being more desirable

Commercials about sex usually display scantily dressed men and women. When people watch these members of the opposite gender in such clothing, they find them more desirable. Thus, such commercials that sell a product based on sexual activities also become connected to these desirable individuals. That is the reason even such products become more desirable for consumers.

Advertisers play quite smartly when they want to take advantage of this aspect of human nature. They sometimes induce sex in their commercials in order to make them more appealing for people. They link their products to the sex factor and make the products more desirable among people who also watch these ads in a desirable manner.